Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is a Pool Coping?

Pool coping is a cover of the edge of the pool. Just like the usual coping that is being used at home, it acts a cover and at the same way, it provides more beauty and safety to the swimming pool.

Why use pool coping?

It gives definition to the looks of the swimming pool by enhancing the pool edge together with the pool deck. And since painting is possible for pool coping, you can paint it with the color that will match the motif of your pool place.

Also, pool coping gives safety to the pool since there will be no rough edges so everybody, especially children, will be out of danger. It also protects the pool liners from damage.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

Having a pool deck light in the pool design of a deck will make it more functional whether it is day or night time. It also helps in keeping the deck safe since it gives light to the pathways. There are different lighting ideas that one may do to the pool deck lights.

Solar Deck Lighting
It is the simplest form of deck lighting. It can be done by mounting lights on the wall, by letting it stand freely or building it into the railings. It needs no wiring or electrical supply since it absorbs energy in the morning which will be used automatically at night.

In-Deck Lighting
In this lighting idea, deck lights are placed into the deck flooring to give emphasis to the perimeter of the area. This is also designed if you want to walk in the deck without the light being damaged. Another way to do this is by drilling random inch-wide holes in the decking, clearing the resin and setting the lights beneath them. This way, an impression of starry night can be created.

Tiki Torches
This type of lighting idea gives a lot of atmosphere in the deck because it provides real flame that runs from propane, gas or oil. Most torches stands alone but it can also be mounted on the wall and be used as tabletop as well. Torches also come in different themes where you can choose which one will suit your deck theme.

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